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Everything about the production of Molino Dallagiovanna flour is special. From its location in Piacenza, the only place in Italy where soft wheat is grown to its high level of research and production technology, the brand is  one of the best producers in Italy of high-quality flour for professional use. Dallagiovanna is the only mill that wash all of their grains before the milling. 


Combining the new developments with traction at the heart allows Dallagiovanna to thrive globally. Their intuition in choosing the most suitable grains, their methods of analysis and research, and their combination of traditional processes and avant-garde machinery guarantees an outstanding finished product. They produce a wide range of flour for any kind of uses from pizza, pasta, bread to pastries. Dallagiovanna flour type “00” and “0” for pizza have also been approved by the famous national Verace Pizza Napoletana Association (AVPN).


Established in 1832 it has been a family business for six generations.