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Our Brands

Salvo 1968 care deeply about working with the best suppliers of Italian ingredients. Our business has been built upon forging strong relationships with our favourite brands, a pursuit of excellence and a strong commitment to customer service. Here our key suppliers share their stories and reasons for their valued Salvo 1968 partnerships.

Rummo Rummo

Rummo Pasta, the story of the Rummo family and their method, Lenta Lavorazione®, which ensures their pasta's excellent performance and quality.


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Castelli Castelli

Importers of authentic Italian cheese of the highest quality. Suppliers to retail, industrial and wholesale sectors.


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Latteria Sorrentina Latteria Sorrentina

The creators of authentic Italian fior di latte mozzarella and heavenly tasting cheese

Latteria Sorrentina

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Molino Dallagiovanna Molino Dallagiovanna

The Italian flour specialists, with a full range of pizza and pasta flour

Molino Dallagiovanna

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Greci Greci

The cultivators of delicious preserved Italian vegetables and fruit 


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Rovagnati Rovagnati

The experts in Italian charcuterie products, including renowned gran biscotto


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Sammontana Sammontana

The kings of creamy and delicious artisanal Italian gelato


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