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Rummo believes that pasta is at the core of Italy’s culture. Upholding the core of Italy, the company celebrates the pleasure of eating well by promoting a variety of preparations, from the established regional traditions to the lesser-known local delicac

About Rummo

The Rummo story starts in 1846 in Benevento, a town located in the Italian region of Campania. It was on via dei Mulini (Mill Street) that Antonio Rummo dedicated himself to the art of the grain and began producing pasta. The water from the river turned the mill wheels, making good use of the earth's natural resources. Since then, generations of Rummo pasta makers have selected only the best durum wheat that nature has to offer, ensuring their pasta has the right protein content.

Today the ancient Rummo pasta factory of Via dei Mulini has become part of the old town of the city of Benevento and testament to its ancient tradition. It took a lot more than the selection of prestigious durum wheat flour and purest water from the Valle del Sannio to make their pasta. It is thanks to this tradition and the experience of six generations of master pasta makers that Rummo’s ‘Lenta Lavorazione’ method was born.

This method derives directly from the traditional and artisan way of making pasta. At the core of the method is a careful research into the best ingredients that are handled with care and without haste, respecting their needs and characteristics - a rhythm that follows that of nature.

Core Range

Rummo offers a full range of different pasta shapes and formats. In addition to their traditional durum wheat range made according to the “Lenta Lavorazione” method they also offer delicious gluten-free pasta, organic pasta whole meal pasta and sauces.

Did you know?

Rummo is the only pasta with a certified cooking performance. The careful sourcing of ingredients and the creation of the ‘Lenta Lavorazione’ method guarantees a pasta that will hold its shape and texture when cooked for the right amount of time.