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Creating a business that could produce high quality meats in an area that was often considered a low quality one, was at the heart of the formation of Rovagnati.

Just after the end of the Second World War, Paolo Rovagnati convinced his father Angelo Ferruccio Rovagnati to produce charcuterie. Paolo was convinced that by studying and introducing new production methods they could achieve high quality meats even in the cooked ham category, which used to be considered an inferior product.

Paolo was a man ahead of his time and his understanding of marketing, production and processes led Rovagnati to become a nationally recognised business while maintaining its identity as a Brianza-based company.

Today, the company offers a wide assortment of Italian charcuterie products, suitable both for deli counters and the self-service sector. All of the products are produced to the highest quality standards and Italian traditions.  

Rovagnati’s core product is the Gran Biscotto. Only the best legs of pork are massaged, seasoned following a secret recipe, and steamed. This process brings together tradition and advanced technology solutions to ensure maximum quality, whilst offering the consumer a healthy product with a superior taste.