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Festive Pizza Menu Ideas

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Festive Pizza Menu Ideas

4 Christmas Pizza Ideas For Your Restaurant’s Festive Menu 

Pizza is one of the most loved foods around the world. As Christmas rolls around, it’s time to get your customers in the festive spirit with some special seasonal flavours. 

Here are some delicious topping combinations to inspire your festive pizza menu and warm your customer’s hearts. 

Brie, Ham, and Cranberry 

An indulgent, comforting pizza with a nod to Christmas dinner leftovers. Sweet, savoury and delicious. 

This mouth-watering pizza blends the iconic festive trio of creamy brie, savoury ham, and tangy cranberry sauce - all nestled atop a bed of perfectly baked dough. 

To help you make it, choose Rovagnati - famous for its vast range of premium quality Italian cured meats, including its leg of cooked premium ham that’s seasoned with a tasty combination of secret ingredients. 


Truffle and Fior di Latte Pizza 

Indulge your customers in some Christmas decadence with this truffle-infused pizza, smothered in a white creamy Fior di Latte base. 

Drizzle white truffle oil over the Fior di Latte for a soft creamy blend with earthy overtones. For help sourcing the cheese, take a look at Latteria Sorrentina. You’ll find authentically soft, smooth and fresh Fior di Latte - the perfect canvas for the truffle. 


Festive Fungi and Chestnut 

A classic mushroom pizza with a festive twist - the perfect Christmas staple. No festive menu is complete without roasted mushrooms. Featuring a medley of seasonal fungi (including shiitake and oyster mushrooms) combined with the rich, nutty flavour of chestnuts - this pizza’s creamy white base makes the earthy toppings sing. 

Make your dough with quality, authentic Italian pizza flour, and choose a smooth, mellow cheese for the base - this is vital for complementing the nutty, earthy flavours. One of the oldest and best producers of real Italian flour for professional use is Dalla Giovanna, whether you’re team Romana or Neapolitana. 

Pancetta and Brussels Sprouts Pizza 

No Christmas menu is complete without this magical combination. When caramelised in a pan with smokey pancetta, Brussels sprouts are almost unrecognisable (compared to the boiled version). Pair them with premium, crispy, smokey pancetta by Rovagnati - known for their premium quality Italian cured meats. Serve on an authentic Italian tomato pizza sauce and sprinkle some toasted almond flakes on top. Even the sprout cynics will savour every bite. 

Ready to get started? 

Get creative this Christmas and serve up some unique, indulgent seasonal pizzas that your customers will relish. These are our favourites, but there are endless Christmas pizza ideas that are sure to go down a treat. Explore authentic Italian ingredients to get started. 

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