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Supplier Spotlight: Wildfarmed Flour

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Supplier Spotlight: Wildfarmed Flour

While our heart remains in love with all things Italian, we've been listening closely to what our customers want. Many of you have been asking for flour that comes from right here in the UK. You told us it's important to use ingredients that don't have to travel far to get to our tables, because it's better for our planet. 

And we think that's a great idea! So, we're bringing in some special flour grown in the UK to add to our collection. This way, we can keep making delicious Italian food while also taking care of our Earth and supporting local farmers.

We're thrilled to introduce Wildfarmed as our latest partner, a pioneering force in the sustainable agriculture movement. Their dedication to regenerative farming practices is a breath of fresh air in the food industry, aligning with our passion for delivering the finest Italian food ingredients. Wildfarmed's unique approach not only enhances the quality of our products but also supports a healthier planet and community.


About Wildfarmed

Wildfarmed stands at the forefront of agricultural innovation, with a mission deeply rooted in the principles of regenerative farming. Founded on the belief that the health of our planet is inextricably linked to the food we consume, Wildfarmed has revolutionised the way we think about flour. From the heart of their operations comes a range of products that promise to raise the standards of Italian cuisine, be it through bread, pasta, or pizza, all while nurturing the earth and soil that yields the harvests.


Regenerative Farming Practices

Wildfarmed's ethos is deeply entrenched in regenerative farming, a practice that goes beyond mere sustainability. This approach is about revitalising the soil, encouraging biodiversity, and restoring the natural ecosystem. By nurturing the land through techniques that mimic nature, Wildfarmed ensures that every grain of flour brings unmatched quality to Italian dishes and contributes to the healing of our planet.


Wildfarmed's Impact

The impact of Wildfarmed's commitment to regenerative agriculture extends well beyond the boundaries of their farms. Their innovative practices have set a new standard in the food industry, demonstrating that it's possible to produce high-quality, nutritious food in harmony with the environment. This has profound implications for the health of both people and the planet, paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient food system.


Products and Offerings

Wildfarmed's range of flours is a testament to their innovative farming methods, offering a variety of products that are healthier and imbued with the rich flavours of sustainably managed soil. These products provide an excellent base for traditional Italian recipes, improving the taste and nutritional value of bread, pasta, and pizza. Their commitment to quality and sustainability makes Wildfarmed's flour a superior ingredient for any Italian dish, promising an authentic and eco-conscious dining experience.


Partnership and Collaboration

Our collaboration with Wildfarmed is about creating a vision for a sustainable future in food production. Together, we are committed to bringing the best of Italian cuisine to your table, with the added promise of environmental stewardship. This partnership ensures that every meal tastes exceptional and contributes to a larger movement towards regenerative agriculture and a healthier planet.

Our partnership with Wildfarmed is a testament to our commitment to offer ingredients for Italian kitchens and to contribute positively to our planet. By choosing Wildfarmed's products, our customers are directly supporting sustainable farming practices that benefit the environment and promote a healthier food system. 


Wildfarmed Pizza Flour

Salvo is now offering Wildfarmed Pizza Flour, crafted for the perfect pizza base. This flour is an ideal choice for authentic Italian pizza recipes. Its unique blend supports the fermentation process, promising a deliciously airy and crisp crust every time.


Wildfarmed White Bread Flour

Also available at Salvo is the Wildfarmed White Bread Flour, a premium choice for baking various breads. This flour is milled with care to preserve its natural qualities, ensuring that every loaf is not only delicious but also packed with the goodness of sustainably farmed wheat. It's perfect for those who appreciate the art of traditional bread baking.