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How to Create Your Salvo 1968 Trade Account

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How to Create Your Salvo 1968 Trade Account

In this guide, we walk you through the incredibly simple process of creating your Salvo 1968 account.

You can join our community of restaurateurs, pub owners and caterers and enjoy the full range of benefits, including regular discounts that make our delicious deals even more accessible. 

Here’s how to set up an account with us:

Before getting started with setting up an account, please head over to our Postcode Delivery Checker to see if your commercial delivery address is accessible. 

Once you’ve entered your postcode into the checker, you will be able to see your minimum order spend as well as which days your Salvo 1968 orders will be delivered.


Step 1: Visit the Salvo 1968 Homepage

Navigate to Salvo 1968’s website and click on the ‘Sign up / Shop’ button located above the homepage main menu.


Step 2: Confirm Your Delivery Eligibility

Just one benefit of working with Salvo1968 is our commitment to delivering your orders with care and precision.

We take pride in our expansive delivery network, which includes depot locations in key cities such as London, Brighton and Hove and Manchester, ensuring that we can serve a wide range of businesses. To ensure that we can reach your specific location, the next step is to confirm your delivery eligibility. Enter your postcode and business details on the designated page to verify that you're within our delivery range. 


If you do not have a company registration number, please get in touch with and we will provide you with an account number to use in its place. 

It is important to note that Salvo 1968 can only deliver to business addresses and will refuse delivery to any orders delivered to residential locations. 


Step 3: Fill in the Trade Account Details

Once you've confirmed that Salvo 1968 can deliver to you, you will be prompted to fill in a form with essential business information. This form will also show you your minimum order value and your available delivery days, so you can plan your orders accordingly. This step is vital as it ensures that all your transactions are smooth and that deliveries are sent to the right place. The form is straightforward, asking for details such as your company name, registration number, and contact information.

You're almost there! 

The final steps of your account creation include setting a password and confirming a few additional details. Choose a secure password to protect your account and ensure that your Salvo 1968 experience is secure. Once you've completed this step, your account will be all set up.


Step 4: Account Creation

With your registration details submitted, Salvo 1968 will move to verify your account and you will receive email confirmation of your new account.


Step 5: Navigating Your New Salvo 1968 Account

Congratulations, your Salvo 1968 account is now active!

You're all set to navigate through the website and add products to your basket or shopping list. The user-friendly dashboard allows you to view your account overview, track previous orders, manage saved lists and much more. 

Don't miss out on the finest Italian ingredients and the convenience of shopping with Salvo 1968.

Register your account today, join our community of food aficionados and start taking advantage of the exclusive benefits right away. 

Buon appetito!