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"We've never stopped believing in the value of working to create wellbeing. Or the value of running a factory on the model of the family." - Enrico Zoppas

From their original, ancient source of water they have inherited their one fundamental value: creating wellbeing for an entire community. Today, the San Benedetto group is active in over 100 countries and is the biggest Italian company in the drinks sector, and the second-biggest producer of soft drinks.

Guaranteeing high standards is San Benedetto’s number one priority. Constant innovation and careful selection of sources have enabled the company to become Italy’s leading producer of mineral waters and iced teas.

Care for environmental issues and the need to save energy is a fundamental feature of the mission at San Benedetto, as well as its ability to find new solutions and stimulate new patterns of consumption.

Core Range

Water, ice tea, chamomile infusions, flavoured water, fruit-based drinks, sports drinks, aperitifs, tonic water: San Benedetto produces and sells all of these beverages, making it Italy’s first total beverage company.

Each of their products are directed at certain types of consumers and patterns of consumption. This is the main reason why they have put so much effort into producing versatile formats that are suited to specific uses. This makes the San Benedetto range of products easy to use and perfectly in line with customer needs.

Did you know

San Benedetto has been using PET (polyethylene terephthalate) since the 1980s. They were one of the first companies in Italy to use PET and have the lightest bottle on the market (just 8.7 g of plastic). The bottles they use in their progetto Ecogreen range are made with 50% regenerated plastic, achieving 100% carbon neutrality.

"The values of a company should always be based on its ability to contribute to the wellbeing of our planet and our children." - Enrico Zoppas
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