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About Latteria Sorrentina

The Latteria Sorrentina brand has been present in the food industry for over 200 years, with a tradition that has been handed down through five generations. Love and passion for food and eating well push the company to produce quality products that have acquired unparalleled value over the years.

The traditional techniques of cheese making over the years have been linked seamlessly with modern machinery and technology. The constant improvements in the production process help ensure the integrity of the final product is at its highest.

Strict internal checks and constant monitoring throughout the production process mean that Latteria Sorrentina can offer consistent, safe and quality products. Their facilities have been awarded HALAL,BRC and IFS certifications.

Over the years, mozzarella has become one of the symbols of the culinary traditions of Italy. Present in many recipes, mozzarella provides a delicate and subtle flavour, both in simple and more elaborate dishes, but best of all with pizza. Latteria Sorrentina deeply honors this tradition.

Core Range

Fior Di Latte is Latteria’s key product. It is made in the same way as buffalo mozzarella, but unlike buffalo, fior di latte is made from cow's milk. It is smooth and creamy but firmer than buffalo mozzarella, making it great for pizzasFior di Latte contains all the wisdom of Campania’s cheese-making traditions. The milk is used together with enzymes, salt and rennet to create a genuine and simple speciality. As well as Mozzarella, Latteria Sorrentina also produce ricotta, smoked provola, stracciatella, scamorza.

Did you know

Latteria Sorrentina is the official supplier of The True Neapolitan Pizza Association, whose mission is to promote and protect in Italy and worldwide “the true Neapolitan pizza“. According to the characteristics described in the International regulations in force since 1984, edited and registered by AVPN.

Their range of dairy products reflect local tradition of milk processing, mainly present in modern distribution channels.
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