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The best ways to serve traditional Italian panettone

Originating from Milan, panettone is an Italian sweet bread which is traditionally eaten for Christmas and New Year celebrations across the whole of Italy. Thanks to its beautiful, fruity flavour, this festive treat has ventured worldwide, becoming a staple of Christmas meals in Europe and even in South America.

So how do you serve panettone? Here are some traditional tips, as well as some exciting ideas for savoury recipes.

How to cut panettone

Cut in vertical slices as if you were cutting any other cake. Remember: because of its height, thinner is better.

Slice as needed, because it will quickly dry out. Avoid pre-slicing if you are serving at the end of your Christmas meal, or if you’re serving up a Boxing Day spread.

You can also lightly grill panettone to enhance its stunning flavour, or cut into cubes if it will feature in another traditional Italian dessert, such as tiramisu (it’s also amazing when paired with liqueurs or something creamy). 

How to serve panettone

You can enjoy panettone as it comes, however if it is too dry for your palette, there are plenty of great pairings to go with this sweet treat.

Traditionally, it’s eaten alongside a dollop of double cream, however it is no stranger to its sweeter partners of gelato and mascarpone. You can also try pairing a slice with warm or candied fruits for a festive kick. 

What to drink with panettone

Panettone pairs well with many traditional Italian tipples, such as coffee to make the perfect digestif, or with sweet wines such as marsala or moscato, or even a spumante.

Savoury ways to serve panettone

If you’re looking at ways to serve panettone that are more creative, why not look at adding a savoury twist? Panettone can be served with cheese (such as gorgonzola or taleggio), chutney or charcuterie – but keep in mind it can lose moisture quickly, so you’ll need to enjoy it first.

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