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Barbera Filtered E.V.O.O. X500Ml (12)

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Barbera Filtered E.V.O.O. X500Ml (12)

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Barbera Filtered E.V.O.O. X500Ml (12)


Product Details

Barbera Filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oil Excellent crystal-clear oil, with a penetrating aroma and a light peppery flavour. Secret lies in the master blending of the finest olives produced in the southern regions of Italy. After they are cold-pressed, oil is filtered through natural fibre cloths in order to eliminate residue. Fairly dense oil of crystal-clear golden yellow. Medium fruitiness taste with an almond finish. Its aroma is light yet has persistent scent of fresh fruit. From Southern Italy. Perfect used raw to finish all Italian dishes, in the preparation of sauces and in frying.