Wimpy sandwiches, be gone! This stuffed focaccia is not for the faint of heart. Beautiful, fragrant and moist, it is the indulgent canvas for this grab-and-go lunch. Rather than using thinly sliced mortadella we’ve cut thick rounds of this delicious cold cut and seared it all over. In fact, grilled mortadella with balsamic vinegar is a proper treat in Rome, where we’ve drawn our inspiration from for this recipe.

The Greci Zucchine Grigliate (grilled courgettes) are the perfect counterpart to the fatty Mortadella, as the light vinegar notes bring a bright tartness to the dish. The Fior di Latte brings a delicious creaminess to this panino, tying everything together.



  • Focaccia made with Uniqua Blue Speciality Flour – Molino Dalla Giovanna
  • Zucchine Grigliate – Greci
  • Fior di Latte Balls (cut into rounds) – Latteria Sorrentina
  • Mortadella Pistachio (thickly sliced) – Rovagnati
  • Lettuce
  • Bitter Rosso Aperitivo – San Benedetto



Cut the focaccia in half. Grill the mortadella until deep marks appear on each side. Layer the mortadella, mozzarella and grilled courgette into the focaccia and add some lettuce for crunch. Serve with a San Benedetto, a bitter and refreshing aperitivo drink.