San Benedetto have always led with one fundamental value; to create wellbeing for the entire community. As the biggest Italian company in the drinks sector, the San Benedetto Group have seen their original, ancient source of water be sold in over 100 countries to become second-biggest producer of soft drinks.


Leading the way in the production of mineral waters and iced teas, the company embraces innovation and carefully selects its sources so only the highest the standards are adhered to. 


Care for environmental issues and the need to save energy is a fundamental feature of the mission at San Benedetto, as well as its ability to find new solutions and stimulate new patterns of consumption. In line with their environmental concerns, they have been using PET (polyethylene terephthalate) since the 1980s, making them one of the first Italian companies to do this. They have the lightest bottle on the market (just 8.7 g of plastic). The bottles they use in their progetto Ecogreen range are made with 50% regenerated plastic, achieving 100% carbon neutrality.


Beverages produced and sold by San Benedetto are: Water, iced tea, chamomile infusions, flavoured water, fruit-based drinks, sports drinks, aperitifs, tonic waters.


San Benedetto and Salvo 1968


Salvo chose San Benedetto as partner not only for the wide range from bottled water to ice teas but for their commitment to creating wellbeing for an entire community. We fully support their moves towards sustainable business practices.