This is an indulgent pizza led by the funky flavours of gorgonzola and rich bresaola. We like to use the Castelli Torta di Gorgonzola and Mascarpone, which is a versatile cheese product combining this pungent blue cheese and some creamy mascarpone. Melt the Torta to enjoy as a decadent topping for either pasta or for pizza - as we have done.

For the cheesy base, we combine the Torta with some Fior Di Latte and top it with the quality Bresaola Rovagnati. Pairing this with rocket and chopped walnuts is a classic Italian flavour combination, where the tartness of the rocket cuts through the richness of the cheese, and the walnuts add a delicious and satisfying crunch to the dish.


Shop ingredients:

  • Pizza base made with Oltregrano Pugliese Dallagiovanna flour
  • Torta Di Gorgonzola and Mascarpone Castelli
  • Barbera Filtered E.V.O.O. (extra virgin olive oil)
  • Latteria Sorrentina Cubetti Fior Di Latte (mozzarella)
  • Rovagnati Bresaola Gin P. D'Anca 
  • Rocket
  • Walnuts



Prepare the pizza base. Top with the Fior di Latte, drizzle some Barbera Filtered extra virgin olive oil and bake. A few minutes before the baking is complete, remove the base from the oven and dollop the cheesy Torta on top. Return everything to the oven to finish cooking the pizza.

Once cooked, remove the pizza from the oven and immediately top it with the sliced bresaola, rocket and chopped walnuts. Serve immediately.