Porchetta is one of those Italian meat specialties that never disappoints. This fatty roast is seasoned with herbs and aromatics to achieve a satisfying depth of meaty flavour. It is a traditional preparation common in the Lazio region and throughout the Roman countryside, but its beating heart resides in the town of Ariccia. 

Porchetta is fantastic as a stand-alone meat, in sandwiches and why not, on pizza! This creative pizza cuts through the rich fatiness of the porchetta with sweet, tart plums. If plums are not available near you, feel free to use a similar fruit of your choice like quince. The porchetta in this pizza is pan fried to achieve a nice crispy texture. Alternatively, you can bake the porchetta in large chunks at high temperature. This will crisp up the outer skin and slowly melt the inner fatty layers, creating a “pulled pork” effect which is endlessly decadent.

Our Pizza alla Porchetta has a fragrant base made with Molino Dallagiovanna Pizza Flour Rose OO. A fior di latte from Latteria Sorrentina provides the cheesy canvas for the porchetta and plums. Some fresh watercress provides a burst of colour and nice crisp bitterness to contrast the sweet and fatty toppings. A truly joyful flavour feast.  



  1. Pizza base made with Molino DallaGiovanna Pizza Flour Rose OO X 25kg
  2. Latteria Sorrentino Fior di Latte balls 
  3. Rovagnati Porchetta di Ariccia 
  4. Sweet plums
  5. Barbera Castello di Resuttana DOP EVOO
  6. Watercress



Prepare your pizza base. If crisping the porchetta in a pan, cut into thin slices and seare for 3 minutes on each side until crispy. Alternatively, cut the whole porchetta joint into 4 pieces and roast at 250 degrees for 30-40 minutes. The outer skin should be crisp and the meat should fall apart like pulled pork. Slice the plums into quarters and set aside. 

Add the fior di latte onto your pizza base with a generous dash of the extra virgin olive oil. Bake the pizza. Remove from the oven and immediately top with the porchetta and sliced plums. Add the watercress and serve immediately.