With one desire - to produce homemade gnocchi made from fresh potatoes – friends Adriano Bianco and Giovanni Favretto created Master Gnocchi. Today, the brand proudly exports Italian potato gnocchi all over the world.

In using only 100% natural ingredients, Master Gnocchi can easily boast that their gnocchi is as good as any that are homemade.

In 2013 the brand expanded and launched Mamma Emma . With the same flavour as our grandmother’s potato gnocchi, they are the only “grated” and stuffed gnocchi made with 100% fresh potatoes. They are also easily distinguishable on the shelf thanks to their kraft paper packaging. Mamma Emma is exported to 15 countries on 5 continents.

Master Gnocchi and Salvo 1968

Salvo 1968 has been supplying Master Gnocchi products for years. As a committed partner we respect the high-quality of the products but also Master Gnocchi’s commitment to sustainability and its using of 100% green energy from renewable sources. Master Gnocchi as Salvo 1968 has always looked to innovation combining tradition with industrial craftsmanship.