When you work with outstanding ingredients, it is much simpler to achieve outstanding results. This simple dish is a testament to this mantra. The Insalatina di Carciofi e Sgrassatella is very filling, and could be served as an appetizer for two or as a generous side. 

The main star of this dish are Greci’s Carciofi Alla Romana. These stunning artichokes are preserved whole in olive oil, including the stems. Their quality and taste is so outstanding that they are delicious to eat as-is. We have paired these top-quality artichokes with Rovagnati’s innovative Sgrassatella. This cured meat is one of Rovagnati’s very own innovations: a cold cut that combines the aroma of Coppa with the flavour of Pancetta. This fatty and creamy meat is at its best when sliced thinly and eaten raw. 

To cut through the richness our chef suggests using sweet pomegranate seeds. A complementary crunch is achieved with the addition of homemade croutons. The dish is finished off with a light drizzle of Barbera Lorenzo N. 5 and some watercress to add a little bitterness. We have served this with some sweet iced tea for a refreshing thirst quencher. 



  1. Greci Artichoke with Stem in Oil 
  2. Rovagnati Pancetta Sgrassatella 
  3. Lorenzo 5
  4. S.Ben. Lemon Ice Tea 
  5. Watercress
  6. Pomegranate seeds
  7. Rustic bread or premade croutons
  8. Salt 
  9. Black pepper 



If making the croutons, slice the bread into small cubes. Drizzle generously with the Lorenzo No. 5, add salt and pepper and pan fry or bake until golden. Remove from the heat and set aside. Slice the Sgrassatella thinly and plate. Gently dab the artichokes to remove the excess oil. Plate both the flowers and stems and crack a little black pepper on top. Plate the watercress, pomegranate seeds and croutons. Drizzle a little Barbera a crudo. Serve immediately with a refreshing lemon iced tea.