Colussi is a major brand featuring the best traditions of Italian food which showcase  their expertise and excellence. Incredible products that suit a modern lifestyle, their operations include manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive range of high-quality foods comprising of pasta, rice, bakery products and patisserie.


Today, the Colussi Group encompasses five of Italy’s finest food brands; Colussi, Misura, Agnesi, Flora, Sapori 1832.


  • Agnesi, as Italy’s oldest pasta maker, Agnesi have been manufacturing superior durum wheat products since 1824.
  • Colussi have been a symbol of Italy's expertise and excellence since 1911. In their range you’ll find delicious breakfast biscuits, salted crackers and Prato Biscuits - commonly known as Cantucci or Cantuccini - which are part of the Tuscany confectionery tradition.
  • Misura is the healthy brand in the portfolio. First launched in 1974, Misura was immediately characterised by its strong vocation for research and innovation. Decades later they are still dedicated to creating healthy food, for a healthy life.
  • Sapori 1832 is one of Italy’s oldest brands. Alongside fine pastry treats you will find delicacies such as Panforte, Ricciarelli, Cantuccini and Cavallucci.
  • Flora, John Flora was born in Puglia, Italy and brought his love for regional Italian food with him to America, where he founded Flora Fine Foods based upon sourcing and importing the highest quality, genuine Italian ingredients for authentic Italian cooking.


Colussi and Salvo 1968


Salvo 1968 has been collaborating with the Colussi brands for years, to offer a variety of products for every customers’ needs. With over 110 years in the business, the brand’s name has become synonymous with high-quality food, produced for a competitive international market.