Cilento spa is a leading Italian dairy company producing specialty fresh cheeses crafted from water buffalo milk. Founded by Luigi Cilento the production of buffalo mozzarella began in 1976, in Cellole, a town on the northern border of the Campania region. It is from here that the business has grown.

Cilento’s Mozzarella di Bufala is made only from DOP buffalo milk from selected farms in the DOP area. This creates a high-quality product. The company products are Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, Buffalo Burrata and Buffalo Ricotta.

Through their desire to create traditional and refined products, Cilento secretly guard their methods which combine top-quality milk with ancient recipes. In sharing their high-quality cheeses, they hope to add exceptional tastes and flavours to tables around the world.


Cliento spa and Salvo 1968


Salvo 1968 chose to partner with Cilento not only for their premium buffalo mozzarella but for their business vision. A flexible and dynamic organisation, the company are committed to innovation but keep family at the heart of the business. In caring for tradition and quality, they are constantly innovating to the deliver the best products possible.