In 1913 Giacinto Callipo established Callipo in Pizzo, a beautiful city in Calabria. An area historically known for tuna fishing and tonnare, Callipo were one of the first companies in Italy, and the first in Calabria, to tin Mediterranean tuna.


The tuna is renowned for its superior taste and Callipo tuna is of the highest quality, with an unmistakable flavour.

After 106 years ‘quality first’ is still at the heart of the Callipo business which now has an extended range including premium Nduja and Italian Gelato.


Gelateria Callipo is renowned for the famous Tartufo of Pizzo’s Calabro, which is characterized by a fine liquid and careful selection of raw materials. Tartufo di Pizzo is not only an ice-cream but a high-quality dessert perfect for restaurants and pizzeria.


The company is continuing to innovate and develop, meeting the changing needs of customers. They have recently created a range of vegan and premium ice-cream tubs, which are a great treat for delicatessens or as dessert in restaurants.


Callipo and Salvo 1968


Salvo 1968 is proud to stock Callipo products not only for their renowned high quality but also for Callipo’s commitment to deliver high-quality products.  We are delighted to stock Callipo Spicy Anchovy Fillets. Tuna Chunks in Olive Oli and Ndjua, as well as a range of Gelateria Callipo tartufo, a typical product of Pizzo's Calabro well known gelato tradition.