Family passion and a true vacation saw the creation of Caffè Vergnano by the Vergnano family in 1882. Starting life as a small apothecary in Cheiric, a small town nearby Torino, today it can proudly boast that it is Italy’s oldest coffee roaster. From one small shop Caffe Vergnano have grown to become ranked sixth in the Italian retail market.


Led for five generations by the Vergnano family, the company continues to focus on creativity and quality. Using only the best raw materials, the delicate roasting method adheres to traditional methods of production. They supply coffee pods, beans and compostable capsules to the hospitality and catering sectors. Caffè Vergnano is expanding quickly in more than 19 countries.



Caffè Vergnano and Salvo 1968


Like Salvo 1968, Caffè Vergnano was born as a family business which has been looking to innovation and international development. One of the biggest Caffè Vergnano challenges is to make coffee part of a sustainable future. They are also committed in empowering female coffee producers with their ‘Women In Coffee’ initiative.