The Barbera story began just outside the city of Palermo in 1888 when Lorenzo Barbera and his brother Vincenzo built a farm dedicated to the cultivation of olives and citrus fruits. Today, the company is led by Manfredi Barbera, the fourth generation of the family. Combining the love for tradition whilst embracing the opportunities modern technology has to offer have made Barbera one of the most advanced olive oil producers in the world.


Located mainly in the western part of Sicily, Barbera have identified more than ten areas that produce many native cultivators. They have also played an important part in nurturing the equally ancient traditions of other territories, such as Puglia and Calabria.


The skilful combination of the different varieties of olives means they produce fine olive oils with outstanding characteristics.


Barbera are world renowned for their unique certified olive oils which have a protected designation of origin, or are organically farmed. This can only happen thanks to the care they take in selecting the olive and by paying attention to the production process. Barbera products are produced and bottled according to the highest quality standard.


Barbera and Salvo 1968


Salvo 1968 is proud to supply Barbera products, as Barbera olive oils are DOP and IGP. Certified extra virgin olive oils are unique products, created in rare, selected territories, with respect for the specific phases of production and quality. Thanks to the experience and expertise acquired in over a century, the Barbera Company has selected the most suitable areas for the cultivation of olive trees based on microclimatic characteristics, altitude, type of land and exposure.