“Crostata” is one of Italy’s favourite sweet treats. The word means “crusted” in Italian - it is a dessert that features a sweet crust base (like a pie) and is frequently characterized by a criss-crossed lattice topping. Crostata pie can be found in every Italian bakery and coffee shop, usually with a sweet jam or chocolate filling.

We have taken a less traditional avenue to make crostata. The crust itself is made with pastry flour and a small amount of Semola di Grano Duro to give it an extra crumbly texture. A dash of Barbera Lorenzo No. 5 has also been added to give the crust greater fragrance.

The filling is made with cream, mascarpone and white sugar, whipped together until light and sweet. The crostata is then topped with a few gorgeous baked apricots for a tart contrast. For aroma, we have also added some fresh mint leaves and lemon zest. Finally, vanilla pods give this rustic crostata a fine dining look.



  1. One crostata base made with:
    • Lorenzo No.5 E.V.O.O. x 500ml(6)
    • Semola Di Grano Duro Dallagiovanna X10Kg
  2. Castelli Mascarpone Small 6 X 250G
  3. Heavy cream
  4. White sugar
  5. Fresh apricots
  6. Fresh mint
  7. Lemon zest
  8. Vanilla pods



Make your crostata base and blind bake for 20 - 25 mins or until golden brown. In the meantime, whip together the mascarpone cheese, heavy cream and white sugar until light and airy. Once the mascarpone filling is ready, set aside. Place the apricots to caramelize under the grill with a sprinkle of sugar. Remove the crust and the apricots from the oven and let cool. Once the crust is cooled, fill with the mascarpone cream and top with the apricots, lemon zest and fresh mint. Position the vanilla pods to one side. Best served within 24 hours from the moment of preparation.