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Italian Deli Sweet Treats

Paluani panettone
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Italian Deli Sweet Treats

5 Italian Desserts You Need To Add To Your Menu Right Now 

Italy’s culinary heirlooms extend well beyond their savoury foods. Discover the best Italian desserts (and sweet treats) you need to stock in your deli right now to delight your customers. 

The best Italian desserts to serve in your deli

Explore our chef’s favourites, so you can treat your customers to the authentic taste of Italian confectionery. 



Originating from Sicily, cannoli are iconic pastries that feature crisp, fried pastry shells filled with luscious, sweetened ricotta cream. Delight your customers with the traditional Sicilian version or get creative with seasonal variations, such as pistachio, or chocolate and hazelnut cream. Not only are they a delicious sweet treat - they make a great gift, which your customers will adore. 


Amaretti are sweet, chewy almond macaroons, traditionally made with almond paste and sugar. Pair with a proper Italian coffee for a truly authentic experience. These delicious delights are perfect for those seeking a lighter, nutty treat and make an excellent addition to any assortment of Italian sweet treats (while catering to gluten allergies). 


A festive Italian tradition, panettone is a beloved sweet bread that’s an absolute staple during the holiday season. Studded with candied fruits and raisins, you can offer mini versions or slices of this aromatic delicacy, perfect for gifting or enjoying with a warm cup of tea during the festive season. Stay classic or offer something more exciting, such as pear and chocolate or limoncello. 


Translating to ‘pick me up’ in English, tiramisu is an iconic coffee-infused Italian cake filled with a light, velvety, mascarpone cream. The generous dusting of rich cocoa powder is sure to put a spring in anyone’s step. Ideal for delis, opt for individual portions or offer customers a whole dessert to take home and share with their family and friends after dinner. 


Nougat (or "Torrone" in Italian) is the perfect treat to stock in your shop or deli. Crafted from a blend of whipped egg whites, honey, sugar, and roasted nuts - nougat strikes the perfect balance between chewy and crunchy. Offer a variety of options including almond and hazelnut, pistachio and Vergani’s individually wrapped bars in four classic flavours: almond, cappuccino, crisp almond and amaretto. 

Ready to order? 

Introduce these authentic Italian sweet treats to your menus and offer customers something for any occasion - and any palate. Whether that’s a ‘pick me up’ on the go, a coffee accompaniment, a gift for a foodie friend or something to take home and share with family. Explore Salvo’s range of Italian deli-ready confectionery. 

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