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  1. Grissini Vecchio Palone 15X250G

    Grissini Vecchio Palone 15X250G


    £22.95 per case

    Due in soon

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  2. Vergani Sultano Choc.Bars 12X250G(66000)
  3. Vergani BLUE Gianduiotti X1Kg
  4. Vergani PINK Gianduiotti X1Kg
  5. Vergani Mostarda Frutta Mista X730G
  6. Amaretti RETRO GREY TIN 6X210G
  7. Amaretti RED TOWER TIN 12X175G
  8. Amaretti RED BIG WINDOW Box 12X150G
  9. Baci Bulk DARK X3KG (215 pcs approx)
  10. Jacob's Biscuits for Cheese X900G
  11. Griss D'Or Al Sesamo 11X250G
  12. Griss D'Or Alle Cipolle 11X250G
  13. Griss D'Or Wholewheat 11X250G
  14. Stiratini Black Olive 12X250G

    Stiratini Black Olive 12X250G


    £15.50 per case

    Due in soon

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  15. Stiratini Rosmarino 12X250G

    Stiratini Rosmarino 12X250G


    £15.50 per case

    Due in soon

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  16. Stiratini Olive Oil 12X250G
  17. Pan.Grissini Olive Oil 16X125G

    Pan.Grissini Olive Oil 16X125G


    £9.95 per case

    Due in soon

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  18. Panealba Grissini Piemontesi 16X125G
  19. T.Maris Grissini Torinesi 12X(20X12G)
  20. Colussi Rosemary Crackers 20 X 250G
  21. Colussi Reduced Salt Crackers 20X250G
  22. Colussi Wholewheat Crackers 20X250G
  23. Colussi Salted Crackers 20 X 250G
  24. Misura Less Sugar Toasted Slices 16X320G
  25. Misura W/Wht Multigrain Crackers 12X350G
  26. Misura FibreXtra W/Wht Crackers 12X385G
  27. Misura Veggie Soy Crackers 12X400G
  28. Piadina Romagnola IGP 10 packs X 5x120g
  29. Lingue Della Suocera 9 X 200G

    Lingue Della Suocera 9 X 200G


    £25.95 per case

    Due in soon

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  30. Pane Carasau X1KG
  31. Fresh Yeast X1Kg

    Fresh Yeast X1Kg


    £2.25 each

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  32. Vanilla Essence X500Ml
  33. Extra Bitter Dark Chocolate 70.4% X5Kg
  34. Callets White Chocolate X2.5Kg
  35. Callets Dark Chocolate 53 % X2.5Kg
  36. Kassam Cornflour X3Kg
  37. Sapori Amaretti Morbidi 10X175G
  38. Misura Dolcesenza Cereal Bisc. 12X320G
  39. Misura Soya Biscuits 12X330G
  40. Misura FibreXtr W/Wheat Biscuits 12X330G
  41. Misura Less Sugar Yogurt Bisc. 12X400G
  42. Misura VEGGIE Privolat Biscuits 12X400G
  43. Colussi Cantuccini Biscuits 12X300G
  44. Colussi Granturchese 12X400G
  45. Colussi Zuppalatte Biscuits 24X250G
  46. Elledi Savoiardi 12X400G
  47. Elledi Amaretti 14X200G

    Elledi Amaretti 14X200G


    £15.50 per case

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  48. Pan.Sfogliette Chocolate 8X225G
  49. Panealba Cuori Di Sfoglia 8X220G
  50. Grisbi Cremosi Nocciola 12X150G
  51. Grisbi Cremosi Coconut 12 X 150G
  52. Grisbi Cremosi Chocolate 12X150G
  53. Grisbi Crema Limone 12X150G
  54. Panducale Biscottone Mandorla Box 24X36G
  55. Panducale Biscottone Cioccolato 24X36G
  56. Panducale Cantuccini Ind.Wrapped X 3Kg
  57. Aragostine Nocciola & Cacao Cream X1.5Kg
  58. Aragostine Pistachio Cream X1.5Kg
  59. Aragostine Cappuccino Cream X1.5Kg
  60. Aragostine Crema Latte X1.5Kg
  61. Aragostine Lemon Cream X1.5Kg

    Aragostine Lemon Cream X1.5Kg


    £13.95 each

    Due in soon

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  62. Cannoli Siciliani Crema Latte X1.5Kg
  63. Cannoli Siciliani Lemon Cream X1.5Kg
  64. Cannoli Siciliani Pistachio Cream X1.5Kg
  65. Cannoli Siciliani Zabaione Cream X1.5Kg
  66. Cannoli Siciliani Nocciola & Cacao X 1.5 kg
  67. Barchette Nocciola & Cacao Cream X1.5Kg
  68. Barchette Cacao Crema Latte X1.5Kg
  69. Baci BAG 12X143G (10pcs/bag)
  70. Brutti e Buoni Biscuits Pack X500G
  71. Nutella Spread X 3Kg
  72. Wrapped Chocolate Mint Crisps X2Kg
  73. Mint Imperials X3Kg
  74. Elledi Party PLAISIR Wafers MILK 10X250G
  75. Elledi PKR Wafers 20X45G COCOA XDisplay
  76. Elledi PKR Wafers 20X45G HAZEL. XDisplay
  77. Elledi PKR Wafers 20X45G VANIL. XDisplay
  78. Lago Plaisir Chocobrik Display 24X45G
  79. Hand Stretched Mini Pizza Bases 20cm 20 X 120G
  80. New Improved Recipe
    The Lab Gluten Free Pizza Bases 10X260G
  81. Sapori Cantuccini Toscani Almond 10X175G
  82. Sapori Cantuccini Chocolate Chip 10X175G
  83. Baci GIFT BOX 10X171G (12pcs/box)
  84. Hand Stretched Med Pizza Bases 33Cm 20 X 250G

84 Item(s)