The beautiful region of Calabria has a wealth of stunning ingredients and dishes that are loved the world over. The area is on the tip of the Italian boot, a region known for its untamed rocky beaches. Meanwhile the stunning city of Tropea is the mecca of sweet Italian red onions, or, “Cipolle Rosse di Tropea” (Red Onions of Tropea).

Calabria is also known for ‘nduja, an ingredient that is fast gaining popularity. ‘Nduja is a meat product – a combination of pork, spices, salt and sugar – and it adds a rich, spicy kick to any dish. Why not try some out with this fiery pizza recipe – we can guarantee it will become a gold standard on your summer specials board!



  • Cipolla Rossa di Tropea IGP (sliced red onions) – Greci
  • Pizza base with Uniqua Blue Speciality Flour – Molino DallaGiovanna
  • Fior di Latte Balls (round mozzarella, sliced) – Latteria Sorrentina
  • Frantoia Garlic Flavoured E.V.O.O. – Barbera
  • Polpachef Classic Tomato Sauce – Greci
  • Nduja Spilinga – San Vincenzo
  • Fresh basil
  • Fresh green and red peppers
  • Oregano – Cannamela



Make your pizza dough using Uniqua Blue Molino DallaGiovanna flour for the perfect pillowy texture. Prepare your base: add the tomato sauce, a dash of garlic oil and the mozzarella wheels. Place the Cipolla Rossa and chilli on top. Scatter dollops of the ‘nduja on top. Bake until the dough colours. Remove from heat and add fresh basil and oregano. Serve immediately.