This spooky pizza has the potential to rock your Halloween menu. First, instead of a traditional white or red base, we’ve used the delicious “crema di Zucca mantovana” (pumpkin cream) from Greci. The sweet cream is complemented perfectly by the funky flavour of Taleggio cheese.

Slices of bresaola from Rovagnati bring some much-needed saltiness. Finally, pumpkin seeds provide a surprising and satisfying crunch that should leave your customers hoping that this specialty pizza becomes a permanent item on your menu. 


Shop the ingredients:

  1. Pizza base made with Nobilgrano Wheatgerm Flour - Molino DallaGiovanna
  2. Whole Taleggio DOP cheese - Castelli
  3. Pumpkin cream - Greci
  4. Cubetti Fior Di Latte - Latteria Sorrentina
  5. Bresaola - Rovagnati
  6. Green Tea & Aloe Vera - San Benedetto
  7. Fresh thyme 
  8. Pumpkin seeds 



Prepare the pizza base with Nobilgrano Wheatgerm Flour for the perfect Neapolitan crust. Pat out the dough and spread a thin layer of pumpkin cream over it in a circular motion. Add the fior di latte cubes and a generous sprinkle of olive oil. Place in the oven.

Once the pizza base is pillowy and golden-brown, remove it from the oven and immediately add a few slices of Taleggio. Add the sliced Bresaola, pumpkin seeds and fresh thyme. Drizzle with a little more olive oil and serve immediately with a spooky green tea from San Benedetto.