Italian-style summer heat waves bring with them a switch from hot pasta dishes to cold pasta dishes. Picnics and trips to the beach always feature a large amount of homemade food, where the cornerstone dish is usually a “pasta fredda” (cold pasta). The dish is essentially a salad: pasta, meats and vegetables combined and refrigerated until ready to eat. 

We’ve put our optimist hats on and are preparing for the UK summer heat with this pasta fredda. To shake things up a bit, we’ve decided to bring you a gluten-free version. An incredibly filling dish, it features three proteins: mortadella, tuna and eggs. We’ve suggested vegetables, such as corn, peppers and red onions, but you can get creative and experiment with alternatives. 


Shop ingredients:

  1. Gluten-free Lentil and Rice Maccheroncelli - Rummo
  2. Red Pesto - Rummo
  3. Sweetcorn - d’aucy 
  4. Italian Eggs (quartered) - Eurovo
  5. Peperoni a Filetti (sliced peppers) - Greci 
  6. Yellow Fin Tuna In Olive Oil - Callipo Gusto Re 
  7. Green Olives (chopped) - Bella di Cerignola 
  8. Surperfines Capers - Delicias
  9. Mortadella Massima (cubed) - Rovagnati
  10. Cipolla Rossa di Tropea IGP (red onion) - Greci



Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the pasta. Cook until it’s al dente then drain. Add the red pesto to the pasta while still hot. Stir in the sweet corn, capers, peppers, tuna, chopped olives, cubed mortadella, sliced red onions and quartered eggs. Eat immediately - or, if you’re planning a picnic, pack up the pasta in a sturdy tupperware container and keep refrigerated until ready to eat. The pasta can be stored and eaten within 2 days.